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A special release to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Joy Division's classic 1979 album Unknown Pleasures. This sneaker features a deconstructed upper and a premium cushioned flexible sole. Other details include:

RUBBER FOXING PRINT - Album title on left shoe, catalogue number on right shoe. The left and right shoes have been treated individually with unique design elements on each - and come together as a pair to combine all the album details.

TONGUE LABELS - Wrap-over woven tongue labels featuring SWC handshake logo and 40th anniversary logo designed by Peter Saville. The reverse side of the labels have the ‘Unknown Pleasures’ song titles as presented on the original record.

FOOTBEDS - Padded footbeds with large-scale ‘Pulsar’ artwork sit together to display combined artwork.

BACK PATCHES - Oversized rubber back-patches with ‘Pulsar’ print on the left shoe and album title artwork on the right shoe.

SOLE - Cushioned SWC ‘siped tread’ rubber sole inspired by old original military gym sneakers for improved grip.

LACES - Flat cotton sports laces with 40th anniversary catalogue number print and highlight red aglets.

SHOEBOX - Special 40th anniversary shoebox with album artwork print on top and bottom, spot-varnish tonal ‘Pulsar’ on tray box and highlight red puller.

Due to limited stock on this release, orders are restricted to one pair, per size, per person. Terms & Conditions apply.